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JVH Engineering is proud to offer high-quality Training Classes and Test Drive Events on Autodesk products with hands-on labs and exercises. Our courses offer interactive, dynamic sessions that walk you through various topics. The cost of training includes the class, lunch, and a textbook which will be yours to keep. Test Drive events are free and allow you to "test drive" the software and see for youself how it works before making a purchase. Descriptions and scheduled dates are found below.

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Focusing on a new topic every month, we'll show the most dynamic functions Autodesk software can do for manufacturing. Schedule and events found here.

Need specialized or custom training specific to your design needs?
Give us a call to discuss at (
616) 531-9861 or submit the above form.

Introduction to Autodesk Revit
This course is intended to provide a brief overview of the critical aspects of Revit and the tools that work alongside it; including how to import other CAD formats into Revit, navigate Revit models, and collaboration tools. It will also introduce BIM (Building Information Modeling). A more detailed outline and/or customized class is available upon request. Please contact JVH to discuss additional topics and price. .

-available upon request

AutoCAD Essentials - (4 days) $1,480
This course covers virtually all basic operating aspects of AutoCAD, including the creation, modification, and detailing of AutoCAD drawing files. Topics of interest include; object creation, object editing, annotation, and plotting. Designed for the new or beginning CAD user; get up and running in 2D immediately!

June 11-14
August 13-16
October 8-11
December 10-13

AutoCAD Advanced - (4 days) $1,480
This course is intended for the intermediate CAD user and covers advanced techniques of AutoCAD that will help you be more proficient in your everyday work. It helps identify the best tool for a task, the best way to use that tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Topics of interest include: advanced text objects, working with tables, defining dynamic blocks, sheet sets, managing layers, CAD system setup, customizing the user interface, and using macros and custom routines. A solid understanding of basic AutoCAD commands and functionality is important before taking this class. 

February 26 - March 1
June 25-28
October 22-25

AutoCAD Electrical Essentials - (4 days) $1,480
This course focuses on how to build intelligent ladder diagrams and panel layouts and how to leverage this intelligence. The course provides an overview of AutoCAD Electrical (ACAD E) utilities that are designed to allow the end user to quickly build and manage an electrical controls drawing set.

March 12-15 - CLASS FULL
May 14-17
July 16-19
September 10-13
November 12-15

Autodesk Inventor Essentials - (4 days) $1,480
This course is designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the basic capabilities of Autodesk's Inventor software; the creation and management of parts, assembly, presentation and drawing files. Attendees will learn to navigate the user interface, 2D sketching, 2D mechanical layouts in drawings, and also part and assembly modeling techniques. The course also includes an introduction to adaptive design techniques, an introduction to sheet metal parts, guidelines for creating an animated presentation, and general instruction for 2D data reuse.

April 16-19
May 7-10
June 4-7
July 9-12
August 6-9
September 4-7
October 1-4
November 5-8

Autodesk Inventor Advanced - (2 days) $790
Advanced training designed to give attendees a comprehensive understanding of Autodesk's Inventor software, maximizing the users' productivity. Attendees will improve their skills in the areas of advanced part and assembly modeling, and design automation techniques by learning how to use new and improved features and functionalities offered in Autodesk Inventor. Topics to be covered include complex lofts, sweeps, surfacing, iMates, iParts, iFeatures, flexibility, assembly representations, frame generator, and derived components. (iLogic is offered as a separate 2 day class).

May 21-22
July 23-24
September 17-18
November 26-27

Inventor i-Logic Training - (2 days) $850
This course is intended for those with Inventor experience but want to take designs to the next level by automating processes with Inventor iLogic functionality. Students will learn the iLogic workflow and how to use parameters, iproperties and more through the creation of  rules, code, and even  interactive forms. No programming knowledge is required to use the basic iLogic functions; however, programming experience can be an asset when using the advanced functions.

- available upon request

Fusion 360 Training - (2 days) $790
This course is designed for users new to CAD to teach them the essential skills to model and create designs in Autodesk Fusion 360. Attendees will be trained in the full model and drawing environments learning about user navigation and interface, 2D sketching, basic part creation, assembly design, and drawing documentation. They will also be exposed to learning how to access data and manage designs, projects, and user access in this cloud environment.

- available upon request

FEA/Stress Analysis and Dynamic Simulation - (2 days) $925
This course will teach attendees how to use the advanced simulation tools found in Inventor Professional for the FEA/Stress Analysis and Dynamic Simulation environments. Stress Analysis simulation also includes running parametric studies, modal (vibration) & frame analysis. Dynamic Simulation includes driving or calculating necessary motion, spring & cam design, and contact reactions & forces. Topics include setting up, running, and interpreting results of these simulations. Cost includes 2 reference manuals which will be yours to keep - one for each FEA Analysis and Dynamic Simulation. Those attending need to have a basic understanding of base Inventor.

- available upon request

Inventor Sheet Metal Class - (1 day) $390
This courseware covers the fundamental principles of sheet metal design using Autodesk Inventor. Students learn how to create and manage sheet metal designs. The course focuses on basic sheet metal concepts and techniques, and builds on them to include complex modeling practices for forming sheet metal parts and drawings. Hands-on exercises representing unique design scenarios are included.

May 23
July 25
September 19
November 28

Autodesk Factory Essentials - (4 days) $1,480
This course will cover the core products and workflows in Autodesk Factory Design Suite: AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk Navisworks and Autodesk Inventor enhanced with the Autodesk Factory Design Utility that gives users a factory specific parametric work environment to better design, optimize, and visualize factory layouts.

-available upon request

Autodesk 3DS Max - (4 days) $1,480
This course provides a thorough introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max software that will help both new and existing users. Topics include, but not limited to: basic modeling techniques, using maps and materials, introduction to lighting, and animation.

-available upon request

Autodesk AutoCAD P&ID Class - (4 days) $1,480
This course will teach you how to use AutoCAD P&ID to create, modify, and manage 2D piping and instrumentation diagrams for plant design. Topics include, but not limited to: equipment and nozzles, piping, annotate your P&ID, and generate reports. 

-available upon request

Inventor: Parts Creation & Documentation
This course is designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the basic capabilities of Autodesk's Inventor and Inventor LT software; and the creation and management of part and drawing files. Attendees will learn to navigate the user interface, 2D sketching, part modeling techniques, and 2D mechanical layouts in the drawing environment. The course may also include an introduction to sheet metal parts and general instruction for 2D data reuse.

~ available upon request

Inventor: Assemblies & Documentation
This course provides attendees with a thorough understanding of the intermediate capabilities of Autodesk Inventor’s assembly environment. Attendees will learn to use the commands required to create assemblies of individual Inventor parts. The course also includes an introduction to adaptive design techniques, guidelines for creating animated presentations, and a general review of the tools for creating 2D mechanical layouts of assemblies.

~ available upon request

Take the software for a hands-on "test drive" and see for yourself how it works before making a purchase.

Autodesk Factory Design Suite (Free Test Drive) 8:30 am – noon
Join us for a comprehensive walkthrough of Autodesk Factory Design Suite. Starting in AutoCAD Architecture, design intuitive layouts in 2D and perform Transportation Cost Analysis. Push your 2D design to automatically populate in Inventor 3D  to enhance your design by including Factory Assets including piping, electrical, and catwalks. Once complete, pull all your common CAD formats into Navisworks with the ability to animate a walk or flythrough of your factory to visualize the real feel of your design even before you start building. Take the software for a hands-on "test drive" and see for yourself how it works.

-available upon request

Payment Options:
Visa, MasterCard, Check, or Purchase Order with approved credit.

Unless otherwise stated, training classes take place at JVH Engineering's facility in Grandville, MI. Registration must be received one week before class is scheduled to begin. Cancelling a reservation 7 days prior to class start date will be refunded in full. Cancellations within 7 days of class start date will be refunded 50% of class rate. Classes are held from 8:30AM to 3:30PM with a 1/2 hour lunch break. On-site training is available as well. JVH reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any training if there is a conflict with resources or fewer registrants. JVH will contact registrants if such an occasion occurs.



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