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Injection Molding Control Solutions, Upgrades and Retrofits
Utilizing Allen-Bradley / Bosch Rexroth Solutions

Since 2002 JVH has been combining the machine automation expertise of Allen-Bradley with the hydraulic control expertise of Bosch Rexroth to provide a world class control solution. JVH has designed a new platform of injection molding controls utilizing the Bosch Rexroth DPQ-2X and DPC closed loop controllers in conjunction with the Allen-Bradley PLC platform of your choice (CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SLC 500 or PLC 5) and the operator interface to meet your size and price (PanelView Plus, VersaView CE or VersaView 6181 with RSView32). This injection molding system is designed with “off the shelf” Allen-Bradley processors, I/O and operator interfaces. The DPQ-2X (closed loop injection and ejector control) and the DPC (closed loop clamp control) have DeviceNet communications built into the hardware. This allowed JVH Engineering to design PLC communications to download the setpoints, trigger the profile and read back actual values from the injection molding machine cycle. (click graphic to enlarge)

With this topology, the Bosch Rexroth controllers become co-processors. They provide closed loop algorithms optimized for hydraulics to create the best possible closed loop injection molding controller in the plastics industry. As displayed in the comparison below, it is possible to utilize existing machinery to meet or exceed the standards of a world class molding machine.

Barrel and mold temperature is handled differently based on the AB controller selected. Temperatures are controlled with the 1746-BTM (Barrel Temperature Module) in the SLC platform, 1771-TCM in the PLC platform and the Enhanced PID (PIDE) auto-tune instruction in the Logix platform. These proven temperature control schemes provide the fastest startup with minimal overshoot. And, since they are integrated into the Allen-Bradley machine controller, interlocks are provided to allow maximum protection of the barrel and screw.

JVH has configured injection molding control solutions for most molding machine manufacturers including: Van Dorn, Cincinatti, HPM, Husky, Farrel, New Britain, UBE, Boy, Gluco, Bucher, JSW, and Engel.  This experience gives JVH the hydraulic and controls expertise to design the best solution to meet your company’s needs.

700 TON
700 TON
Hydraulic Pressure Response
Seconds required for pressure to
settle after 1000 PSI pressure change
0.200 Failed - Pressure
never settled
Injection Speed Linear
% difference from velocity set point
10.00 28.28 8.41 (note A)
Injection Load Compensation
% change in velocity per 1000 PSI change in load
<3.00 88.10 0.61
Clamp Repeatability
Millimeters variation at open stop position
2.540 7.188 1.676 (note B)
3-Stage Injection Capability
Ability to control a velocity profile, pack pressure profile, and transfer between the profiles based on mold cavity pressure
Yes No Yes
Ejector Repeatability
Millimeters variation at extended position
2.540 1.780 0.254
Injection Decompression Repeatability
Cubic centimeters of injection volume variation
<25 Not Repeatable 9.94
Injection Rate
Cubic centimeters per second
N/A 700 900

Note A: Measured linearity is affected by the slow (greater than .200 seconds) response of the original fixed pump pressure relief valve. Use of variable displacement pumps or accumulator technology would improve the measured results.
Note B: Clamp stopping repeatability is limited by the 1.300 millimeter minimum resolution of the original analog position feedback that was used. Use of SSI digital position feedback would improve the measured results.

Controller Allen Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC5 or SLC platform
16 bit analog inputs/ouputs for fine resolution
2ms closed loop control
All "Off the shelf" components allowing maximum system flexibilty
HMI VersaView, Panelview Plus, Panelview Plus CE or Standard Panelview;
Sizes range from 4" to 17" displays based on requirements
Ethernet / DH+ / ControlNet / DeviceNet Communications
Injection Control 5-10 Segments of Velocity vs Position Control
5 Segments for Pack/Hold Pressure vs Time Control
2 Segments of Plastication Pressure vs Position
Digital Position Feedback available for noise immune positioning
Hydraulic and Cavity Pressure
Input to allow third party injection transition
3-stage injection capable for use with RJG systems
Clamp Control Closed Loop Velocity Control with bumpless pressure limiting during
Low Pressure Mold Protect
Advanced algorithms to allow fine pressure control to protect
expensive tooling
Active Damping for smooth clamp motion
Digital Position Feedback available for noise immune positioning
Injection Compression (Coining) capable
Ejector Control Closed Loop Velocity Control
Temp Control Barrel Heat Closed Loop Heat/Cool Loops with Auto Tuning
Recipe Storage Save mold setups to internal storage or removable media
Data Collection SPC\SQC capable
Other Features Sequential valve gates capable based upon position or time
Gas assist capable
I/O Diagnostics
Production Monitoring / Setpoint Tracking
Multi-color/Multi-screw Capable

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