Cincinnati / Milacron Solution

01 / 04

JVH Engineering has designed a controls platform utilizing Bosch Rexroth closed loop controls in conjunction with Rockwell Software and an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix system. This platform has been used to create a predesigned solution for Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machines. These tested solutions use the most up to date Allen-Bradley technology along with customer specified Rockwell Software to allow for ease of use. All our solutions are designed with the intent of delivering a turnkey control design that allows for full customer manipulation.

Due to age and advances in technology control systems on Cincinnati Milacron’s, original DPC processor racks or retrofitted, are very flawed and out of date. These old systems make operating and maintaining such a nightmare for customers that they are usually left contemplating between fixing or replacing these machines. That is where the JVH Engineering controls solution come in. Purchasing this solution will fix the original flaws of your machine, while receiving full service and support from JVH Engineering on all controls needs.

Our solution is comprised of a full control upgrade as well as optional valve replacements, Injection pressure (PV2), Clamp pressure (DV1), Ejector flow (X, XA), throttle valves (RV), and others depending upon machine model. The new cost-effective proportional valves will deliver fast, smooth, and quiet machine operation. Upgrading from the old control system to a new CompactLogix system will also improve barrel and mold temperature response, creating a more repeatable production process.


  • Ethernet Communication

    Faster machine communication and full machine connectivity to customer data collection systems.

  • Bosch Rexroth HACD

    High performance HACD used for improved mold and injection control.

  • Allen-Bradley VersaView®

    Replacement for Vel operator stations “CAMAC” Touch screen HMI, equipped with a solid-state hard drive.

  • Digital Sensors

    Digital position sensors for more accurate, noise free, repeatable position control with instantaneous velocity feedback.

  • Process Logging

    This feature will allow for reduced setup time by saving every process while also allowing for process comparison.

  • Part Consistency

    High response injection control for exceptional part consistency by adding a new 10 segment injection fill velocity profile, 5 segment ramped hold profile, and 3 segment recovery profile with closed loop backpressure.