Injection Molding Control Upgrades and Retrofits

01 / 06

Since 2002 JVH has been combining the machine automation expertise of Allen-Bradley with the hydraulic control expertise of Bosch Rexroth to provide a world class control solution. JVH has designed a new platform of injection molding controls utilizing the Bosch Rexroth HACD closed loop controllers in conjunction with the Allen-Bradley PLC platform of your choice (CompactLogix, ControlLogix, SLC 500 or PLC 5) and the operator interface to meet your size and price (PanelView Plus, PanelView 5000, FactoryTalk View ME or FactoryTalk View SE). This injection molding system is designed with off the shelf Allen-Bradley processors, I/O and operator interfaces. The DPQ (closed loop injection and ejector control) and the DPC (closed loop clamp control) have Ethernet communications built into the hardware. This allowed JVH Engineering to design PLC communications to download the setpoints, trigger the profile and read back actual values from the injection molding machine cycle.

With this topology, the Bosch Rexroth controllers become co-processors allowing them to close the loop in 2ms and utilize Bosch Rexroth optimized closed loop positioning algorithm to create the best possible closed loop injection molding controller in the plastics industry. It is possible to utilize existing machinery to meet or exceed the standards of a world class molding machine. These systems are designed with the ability to toggle between open and closed loop so trouble shooting is easier. Barrel temperature is controlled with the PIDE auto-tune PID instruction in the Logix platform. This feature allows for the quickest startup with minimal overshoot as well as being completely integrated into the machine sequence to protect the barrel and screw

JVH has configured injection molding control solutions for most molding machine manufacturers including: Husky, Italtech, Van Dorn, Cincinatti, HPM, Farrel, New Britain, UBE, Boy, Gluco, Bucher, JSW, and Engel.  This experience gives JVH the hydraulic and controls expertise to design the best solution to meet your company needs.

Available for all makes and models of plastics processing machines.


  • Ethernet communications for full machine connectivity to data collection systems

  • Rugged Allen-Bradley VersaView touch screen HMI with solid state hard drive

  • Allen-Bradley's dependable, field proven ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix or Compact GuardLogix PLC

  • Digital position sensors for more accurate, noise free, repeatable position control, instantaneous velocity feedback.

  • High response injection control for exceptional part consistency by adding a new 10 segment injection fill velocity profile, 5 segment ramped hold profile, and 3 segment recovery profile with closed loop backpressure.

  • Improved cycle times. Setpoint change tracking. Process logging. I/O Diagnostics with advanced trending.

  • Barrel Heat Closed Loop Heat/Cool Loops with Auto Tuning

  • High performance Bosch Rexroth HACD for mold stroke, injection and clamp control